Redfish Lake

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Every Summer my family meets up at Redfish Lake Idaho for vacation together. For as long as I can remember going camping at Redfish was the highlight of the summer for my family. Morgan knew how much I loved this beautiful place so he set aside time in our crazy schedules for a quick trip to the mountains. It was wonderful how such a simple trip could bring so much happiness and peace into our lives.

The first day we met up with my family and then spent the whole day on the beach; everyone stayed busy paddle boarding, tubing, snorkeling, and making sand castles. I would love to spend everyday on the beach, its so calming and refreshing. The evening was filled with  plenty of campfires and laughter. We ended our first day there hand in hand drifting off while looking at the beauty of the stars. The next day we went horse back riding as a family through the mountains, the scenery was breathtaking. It was Morgans first time on a horse and he loved it!!! After that we made another trip to the beach before heading home.

These memories will always be some of the sweetest – places I love with people I love.