Baby Thomas Due July 2016

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pregnancy announcement, BreAna Thomas

Morgan and I are so excited to announce that we will be having a baby in July! It feels like a dream, we can’t believe we are really having a baby! Going to our first ultrasound felt surreal, but then we saw our little one dancing all over the screen and we couldn’t help but laugh and cry. I wish I could go in everyday and see my little baby, it is the best feeling in the world. We already love our baby with all our hearts.

I am 14 weeks pregnant and slowly throwing up less and less, so I’m hoping this all day morning sickness comes to an end soon. Being so sick has made me so incredibly grateful to have such an amazing husband. I have had no worries with him by my side. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything he can’t do. From staying up with me all night, to doing all of the cooking, always doing everything he can to help, and most of all showing how much he loves me everyday brings tears to my eyes all the time. Morgan is a wonderful husband and I can not wait to watch him become a Dad. I feel so blessed to be able to start our family together.


Photography by- Inspire Me Video 

Dress from – Pink Blush Maternity

I love this dress because not only is it super comfortable, but it is also high quality and made for a cute baby bump! 🙂 Also the top is made for nursing, so after you have your little one, you don’t have to undress to nurse. So I thought this dress was definitely a win!  Make sure to check out their website they have lots of items to choose from for all women not just pregnant and nursing mommas!