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Morgan served his mission in Mesa Arizona, so he was excited to go back and visit. I had never been to Arizona so I was in for a surprise. We landed in the airport around 6pm and as soon as I stepped off the plane I thought we were in paradise! It was 75 degrees and everything looked so beautiful (it had snowed at our home in Idaho just two days prior). We got our rental car and we were off! We rolled the windows down, the weather was perfect, the air smelled like citrus from all the orange trees that were ripe, the roads were lined with palm trees, and we were literally riding into the most beautiful sunset!

BreAna and Morgan Thomas


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While we were in Arizona, Morgan showed me some of his favorite places and I got to meet so many wonderful people. It was so amazing for me to get to see some of the people who Morgan had become great friends with while he was on his mission. Everyone was so kind to us and continued to tell me stories about Morgan. I loved every minute of it- I loved finally getting to meet the people that Morgan loved and people who were so kind and loved him. I definitely married a great man and it was heart warming to see people lives he touched and people who touched his life.

We saw so many beautiful places, beautiful people, and ate way too much delicious food. It was the perfect trip and It definitely had me falling in love with Arizona.

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We were able to go to Arizona because I got the opportunity to work with an amazing clothing company located in Scottsdale Arizona. The name of the company is Closet Candy Boutique and they are an online womens clothing company with incredible clothes at great prices.

Closet Candy Boutique is owned by Christina and Chad, a husband & wife – they couldn’t be a better team. They were warm, friendly and were right there whenever we needed anything. I was astonished how they ran everything so efficiently. Chris and Chad are by far some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are definitely role models to me on how to run a great business and how to treat everyone with respect. Morgan and I felt that we left Arizona with more than just new business contacts – We left with new friends that we cared about and wished the best for.

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I would recommend Closet Candy Boutique to any of my friends or family- they are amazing!  All of their clothes are high quality and the latest fashion trends! They are constantly getting in new arrivals so don’t forget to keep an eye on their website!

Click HERE to see Closet Candy’s online collection.

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